Starbucks brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso but substitute the brown sugar for the apple cinnamon spice syrup but also don't give starbucks your money just tell em Tony sent ya 👍

talking to women is so awesome! not that it never was before now, but like, i just appreciate women. how do people just innately want to control women? must be scary as hell cause idk women love talking to men that are comfortable and cool.

okay nevermind, i'm not bored. i'm just tired and going to go to sleep now. it's been a productive day. g'night everyone. read y'all tomorrow after work i suppose.
feel free to inverse all of my investment strategies to get rich quick in the meantime 😎 great way to actually make money 👍

i think i've already posted this one on here before, but i already voted for taxing the poor 😎 (i forgot to vote) (or did i?) maybe i did, maybe i didn't...
only the polls will tell when the election is overthrown by one single anonymous mail in ballot with Big Chungus written in for 300 million BILLION votes, winning the election by a landslide and leaving the country presided over by a fictional rabbit. WYD then? 🤔

just a silly boy.
i'm just a goofy dude,
a mischievous scallywag,
whatever other combination of adjectives
and improper nouns
can be used to describe an...
ah whatever.
i don't know where i'm going with this.
i am tired.
now go to bed.
sleepy mane signing off.
goodnight, everydoge.
love y'all 💖

hmmm...i might just go full braindead and vote AOC for president and waste my ballot 💪
she is undeniably attractive, so maybe they will bend the rules to allow her to be in office since people seem to be waking up to the fact that a country run by a retirement home filling pool of elderly dementia patients is not an effective system...
what's the worst that could happen?*

*(wants to watch world burn 😏)

finally saw myself in a full-sized mirror today for the first time in months. i look so sexy and ripped. i was surprised, but also realized how much more i can accomplish with some more focused exercises. just in time for winter, too! i'm going to hit the gym regularly and upgrade my routine from calistenics to full-body workouts and endurance training.
once again, i am so hot and muscular, it's so sexy. i'm hyped 🔥🔥

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