Fuck off stupid Nigga Ducks aren't sober drivers and neither are you.

it is good to be back in trading fever. boy oh boy i can't wait to build back better off of the utter failure that has been build back better 💯

oh yay! Voyager has taken the deal with FTX to buy all of its assets! my holdings will no longer be frozen anymore, which is great because i would love to be able to use them again 😅

@mahdoge i understand where you are coming from now. i had to do a bit of reading on the advancement of bitcoin, but i'm definitely feeling the importance of the bitcoin train now. also i like Cardano too, but i am much more interested in bitcoin as a hedge and actual growth method. what a good time to be alive and put money into stuff.

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rich dad poor dad moment.
this comes right after the Forbes article from yesterday about the ethereum "upgrade" (proof-of-work to proof-of-stake) driving former ETH miners out of the blockchain, which will eventually remove $300 million of Ethereum. i wonder where that money is going to go and how much other cash is going to follow it wherever it goes...🪙


i was not expecting there to be an episode that explored time travel paradoxes in My Little Pony, but season 2 episode 20 did exactly that. for a show that's quick to be passed off as a childrens show, i'd say that it did a better demonstration of time travel with no loose ends or multiverse implications even better than Futurama did, implying the method to travel through time exists, but is single use and in a loop.

the song in question in case anybody hasn't heard at least a snippet of it yet 😂
not gonna lie i'm going to impulse buy the Rainbow Dash tuxedo he's wearing about 2 minutes in. that shit undeniably hard. can't wait to see this dude on tour, and he better come to the US.

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i just had to figure out what the lyrics to "Sunshine Rainbow White Pony" translated to, so i did just that and was not disappointed. song is a definite banger in my opinion. i predict that it shall become the gen Z Rick Roll.


limit order just filled for 6 litecoin. anyone else like LTC? (License to Carry or Litecoin, either one)

tired, tired. i can't wait to go to sleep.
well, actually i can. once again i'm probably going to stay up another 20 minutes and find the random energy that didn't exist when i was about to fall to sleep 10 minutes ago...

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