Interviewed at a startup today and the CEO straight up asked me if I’m autistic

is 200k a year for an interesting but chill remote dev job really too much to ask for smh

i had a hot take about lil baby performing at apefest but turns out I confused him with dababy the whole time

due to the looming recession I will only be playing drum OR bass for the foreseeable future

where in NYC does it smell the best / worst?

my friends are doing the only non cringe party and you are all invited

i‘m interviewing a lot rn and would like emotional support please

yuga labs == KALIACC

don’t forget

they thems are the counter culture

Someone pls cancel nft hot takes

no one more unhinged than republican blue checks

Any hot takes on shkreli‘s TikTok?

should I quit my dev job to go to art school?

4c4 redoged

Meanwhile the turtles are using the straws to sniff cocaine!!

Is there a HellaDoge api for bots?

i saw the worlds 108th biggest yacht today

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